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About the Journal

Philosophical Psychology is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to developing and strengthening the links between philosophy and the psychological sciences by publishing original, peer-reviewed contributions that advance these fields of research. In addition to psychologists and philosophers, the journal's international readership and contributors include neuroscientists, linguists, biologists, sociologists and anthropologists, psychiatrists, and computer scientists.

The journal is published bimonthly (February, April, June, August, October, December) by Taylor & Francis Publishing Company, and is indexed in Current Contents/Social & Behavioural Sciences; e-psyche; Philosopher's Index; Psychological Abstracts/Psyc INFO/Psyc LIT; Research Alert; Sociological Abstracts; Social Sciences Citation Index; Social SciSearch.


Manuscripts should be submitted through Philosophical Psychology’s Manuscript Central site (http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/cphp). Please review our submission guidelines here.

The journal invites manuscripts that deal with issues arising at the intersection of Cognitive Science and Experimental Psychology, Neurophilosophy and Philosophy of Mind, Moral and Applied Psychology, Phenomenology, and the Brain Sciences. Submissions often deal with cognitive and perceptual processes, the relationships between psychological theories and accounts of neural underpinnings or environmental context, and computational modeling of psychological function — including neural network and dynamical systems models. The journal also encourages the submission of manuscripts concerned with the methods and history of psychology, the philosophy of science as applied to psychology, and explorations of the underlying issues—theoretical and ethical—in educational, clinical, occupational, and health psychology.

Approximately 20% of submitted manuscripts are eventually published.

Book Reviews:
The journal receives review copies of books from several major publishers. If you would like to see the current list of books that we have available for review, click here. If you would like to review a book on this list, or would like to review a book not on this list, please contact Danel Burnston, Book Review Editor, with your request.

FOR PUBLISHERS: If you would like a book reviewed in Philospohical Psychology, please contact Dan Burnston (dburnsto@tulane.edu) with book information. Please do not send hard copies; we will solicit reviewers and provide addresses to which review copies can be mailed.

Contact Information:
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